Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Warning: Cat Blog Entry

In spite of being a rabbit, I own a cat...or is it the other way around. Kaangray is pathetic, like dog-style pathetic. It follows me from room to room including the bathroom. I can't even take a shower alone. He pops his head in just to make sure I'm in there and prefers to sit between the shower curtain and the liner. I've never had an adult cat before, but I'm sure they aren't as noisy as this one. Walking along it makes a loud Grunt...Grunt...Grunt sound and meows at least 60-100 times a day.

He also weighs 19 pounds...thinks it still weighs 8 pounds. I got it from the pound like this and can't seem to get a diet going. If I cut back on the food it acts as if I were a Nazi prison guard. He's always waking up for breakfast a hour before I intend to and jumps from the bed to the dresser to the bed and then to the floor ten or so times before I get up. As annoying as this is the 19 pounds of cat lands with a decided thump with each jump. For Christ sake it sounds like I'm beating the floor with the cat.

Bought one toy for the cat and it ignored it. However, paper and plastic bags, plastic Easter eggs, foam tubes and my laser level it will play with. Also, it must lay on anything I place on the floor. If I want the cat to lay next to the wall I just lay a piece of paper there and the cat goes and lays on it as though it is the King of the Paper. Weird.

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