Monday, February 20, 2012

Whitney Houston

I'm fed up with the endless editorials on Whitney. Just because she was a great talent doesn't make her demise a greater loss. Millions of Americans suffer this debilitating disease of drug and alcohol dependence, and it is a real disease. Being wealthy and adored doesn't mean she had so much to live for, as opposed to the other victims, regardless of their circumstances. They all had much to live for, but that amounts to very little as a motivation for sobriety. Life in the mind of an addict is something that is being avoided. To the non-addict, drugs and alcohol abuse is thought of as an act of pursuing a certain kind of "life." The acting out associated with abuse, the partying and out of control behaviors, are symptoms of a diseased mind avoiding the addict's mental anguish of their skewed perception of their "life." The so-called "fun" the addict appears to be enjoying is an act, a desperate attempt to enjoy life by simulating others who are.

Regardless of her many "friends," and admirers, she died as many addicts do, physically, mentally and spiritually alone. When friends cannot understand this is a treatable fatal disease it is a recipe for tragedy. True friends and love ones need to find out, from those who know, the difference between helping and enabling the addict.

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